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Rep. Brat Reacts to the U.S. Moving Its Embassy to Jerusalem

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Washington, May 14, 2018 | Mitchell Hailstone (202-225-2815) | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem opened. In reaction, Rep. Dave Brat released the following statement:

“The United States is proud to stand behind Israel in this historic move. The American Embassy belongs in the Jewish capital. Israel can decide its own capital, and I am glad we can support their decision by moving our embassy there 70 years after President Truman recognized Israel as an independent nation.

“Jerusalem has an ancient historical heritage for the Jewish people and significant meaning in the western tradition. It is the site of the Western Wall, the remains of the ancient Jewish temple. Today, the Knesset, the prime minister, the Supreme Court – all of the institutions that compose the Israeli government – are located in Jerusalem. It is beyond time that the United States, Israel’s strongest ally, set up our embassy near their institutions of democracy and recognize the reality that Jerusalem is already the seat of power for Israel.

“In addition, I have always spoken strongly in favor of the three pillars that made our own country great – those include the Judeo-Christian tradition; the rule of law with democratic, constitutional adherence; and, finally the free market system. Israel stands behind all of those principles.

“The United States and many of its presidents have promised to make this move. I am glad we have kept our promise to our good friend.”



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