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Rep. Brat Introduces Bill to Stimulate Travel and Tourism

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Washington, February 14, 2018 | Juliana Heerschap (2022252815) | comments
WASHINGTON – Yesterday, Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), a member of the bipartisan Travel and Tourism Caucus introduced H.R. 5000, the Free to Fly Act. The consumer-oriented Free to Fly Act repeals a restriction that hinders investment in U.S. airlines. This restriction, an outdated relic from the Great Depression, artificially caps foreign ownership in U.S. airlines at 25 percent, which increases the cost of capital and limits consumer choices. The Free to Fly Act would also require any foreign U.S. airline subsidiaries to be established and regulated under U.S. law, be based in the United States, and only employ American workers.

“Reforming or repealing laws and policies that prohibit foreign competition, inhibit new domestic airlines startups and expansion is essential to improving air travel for the 99% of Americans and businesses that depend on commercial air travel for long distance transportation.” Paul Hudson wrote, President of FlyersRights.org, the largest non-profit airline consumer organization. “We look forward to Free to Fly’s introduction and enactment in the next year.”

Rep. Brat released the following statement:

“The elimination of this outdated restriction is long overdue. As an economist, I understand that hindering investment hurts American businesses, workers, and consumers. The Free to Fly Act would stimulate and expand the travel and tourism industry, creating more choices and reducing prices for consumers, while at the same time increasing financial stability for U.S. airlines and creating jobs for American workers.

“The current Administration has successfully advocated for more foreign investment in America, and it’s time we allow the U.S. airline industry and the traveling public to benefit from outside investment as well. The Free to Fly Act is a win for America’s consumers, workers, and airlines.”

This legislation has been endorsed by a wide array of organizations, from conservative groups like Club for Growth and FreedomWorks, business interests like the U.S. Travel Association, Travel Tech, and Business Travel Coalition, taxpayer watchdogs like the National Taxpayers Union and Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and consumer groups such as Travelers United, FlyersRights.org, Air Travel Fairness, and Consumer Action for a Strong Economy.

Full text of the Free to Fly Act.
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