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Rep. Brat Statement on Release of House Intelligence Memo on Abuses of Power at FBI and DOJ

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Washington, February 2, 2018 | Juliana Heerschap (2022252815) | comments
WASHINGTON - Rep. Brat issued the following statement in response to the memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“During a time when movies like The Post are praised for their depictions of the media chasing down the truth about government actions, it is startling to see so many individuals opting for the narrative of ‘just trust the government,’ leading up to the release of this memo.

“For intelligence officials to allegedly take an uncorroborated political opposition research dossier and use it as key evidence to obtain a warrant to spy on Americans is deeply troubling. And then for the FBI and DOJ officials to selectively exclude the important detail that the Steele dossier was paid for by the Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee during their interactions with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court raises serious questions about the FBI’s objectivity in the investigation.

“The American people need to be able to trust our intelligence agencies and know that these officials are objective in their investigations and free from political influence. Everything that this memo details points to questionable actions by a handful of high-level appointees in the federal government, and we need answers. We need more transparency, not less, to ensure the civil liberties of all Americans are protected and the truth comes to light.”
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