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#Obamascare: Rep. Brat on Massive Premium Hikes

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Richmond, Va., October 25, 2016 | Barbara Boland (202-225-2815) | comments
Rep. Brat (R-Va.) issued the following statement after the Obama administration confirmed an average increase in Obamacare premiums of over 20 percent for 2017:

"Americans are already feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks, and this news simply proves what we have said all along: the so-called 'Affordable' Care Act is totally unaffordable."

"President Obama promised that if you like your plan you can keep it. He said there would be an average of $2,500 reduction in premiums and that insurance would be 'stronger, better and more secure.' He promised that he wouldn't add 'one dime to our deficits' and that 'this law means more choice, more competition, lower costs for millions of Americans.' But instead of more choices, twenty one percent of Americans will have only one single insurer to 'choose' from next year. This is appalling."

"In economics, we know that competition helps reduce costs, and this lack of competition puts hardworking Americans between a rock and a hard place -- they will be forced to choose between low-quality, high-cost insurance and putting food on the table for their families. Obamacare's pseudo-market is completely unsustainable."

Rep. Brat has introduced legislation to provide Americans with more options and more control over their own health care choices.

"I will continue to fight for free-market policies that create competition and lowers costs for everyone," said Rep. Brat. "This is the number one concern I hear from my constituents and the major legislative priority Congress faces."


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