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How Rep. Brat Spent His Summer Break from Washington

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Washington, September 5, 2018 | Mitchell Hailstone (202-225-2815) | comments

WASHINGTON – Each August, Members of Congress get the opportunity to go home for the entire month. Rather than take a break, Rep. Brat chose to spend August travelling throughout all 10 counties in the seventh district, so he could listen to his constituents.

“August gave me time to connect and speak in-depth with the constituents of the 7th District about the issues that matter most to them like health care, immigration, government spending and the economy,” said Rep. Dave Brat. “We talked a lot about the passage of historic tax reform and the ways it is impacting our economic climate right here in Virginia as well as how it is boosting family budgets.”

During the nearly five weeks he was home in Virginia’s 7th District, Rep. Brat attended 73 meetings or events with constituents. The congressman also completed ‘mobile office hours’ in all 10 counties throughout his district, meeting with hundreds of constituents who had specific suggestions/concerns to bring to his attention. Rep. Brat met with each and every individual that signed up for a meeting.

“These public appearances are invaluable to me as a representative,” continued Rep. Brat. “I get to listen to the concerns of real people living in my district, and take those concerns with me as I return to Washington.”

Considering ‘Tax Reform 2.0’ is one of the legislative priorities in the fall term. House leadership has signaled they will include Universal Savings Accounts (USAs) in the new legislation. USAs were originally proposed in the House by Rep. Brat in a piece of legislation introduced last year (H.R. 937) and are designed to offer Americans an improved version of Roth IRAs so they can money more effectively and achieve economic prosperity and independence.


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