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I believe disclosure, transparency and sunlight is the best way to fight corruption. I trust the wisdom of the electorate far more than I trust politicians. Members of Congress should be held to high standards as they represent and serve the American people. To this end, I have cosponsored government ethics bills such as H.R. 1341, the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act.

In addition, I was appalled to hear that some Members of Congress have sexually harassed their staff and others both before and during their time in office. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. I believe the House and Senate Ethics committees should fully investigate allegations of harassment and abuse. Speaker Ryan recently made anti-sexual harassment training mandatory for all House Members and employees, which is a small step in the right direction for Capitol Hill.

Again, I want our government to be as open and transparent as possible. An open and transparent government is essential to maintaining accountability for our elected officials.

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