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  • National Security

    The Constitution gives the federal government no greater role than the defense of the American people. I strongly support a vigorous national defense that provides our Armed Forces with the resources necessary to protect against threats to our natio...

  • Jobs and Economic Growth

    Economic growth and good jobs are important to both our district and the nation as a whole.

  • Budget and Fiscal Issues

    Our nation is on an unsustainable fiscal course that is threatening our future as a republic. Reducing wasteful spending is the first step Congress should take in order to bring down our debt and deficits.

  • Immigration

    America is a welcoming nation, and one that is based upon the rule of law. Tolerating illegal immigration serves only to undermine the law and threatens our national security.

  • Education and Opportunity

    Educating our children is vital to our nation’s continued prosperity and economic strength during this time of increasing competition in business and trade from abroad. Successful education policy almost always starts at the local and state level rat...

  • Tax Reform

    The federal government does not need more taxpayer dollars. Instead, the federal government needs to eliminate the $300 billion that it loses annually to waste, fraud, and abuse while cutting spending to responsible levels.

  • Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment recognizes the right of individual, law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms.

  • Healthcare

    I support comprehensive reform that will enable every American to enjoy health coverage, lower costs, increase patient choice, improve access and quality, and protect the patient-physician relationship.

  • Congressional Ethics

    I believe disclosure, transparency and sunlight is the best way to fight corruption. I trust the wisdom of the electorate far more than I trust politicians

  • Environment

    I understand the importance of preserving our environment. There is no doubt we must be good stewards of the environmental treasures with which we have been blessed. The welfare of future generations depends on it.

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